About GearScan

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GearScan was created to track outdoor gear deals from our favorite deal-at-a-time sites. Instead of constantly refreshing 6 different browser tabs, we wanted to have a simple dashboard to show us the deals we were interested in. Going forward, we'd like to incorporate more outdoor gear deal sites and help simplify the gear buying process for all of our users. If you have suggestions, general feedback, or would like to see specific deals, please contact us.

Deal at a Time Sites

Deal at a time sites show one highly discounted product at a time until it sells out. We are currently tracking the following sites:

Can I get any special discounts?

Yes! Any deal that appears on our site (for the six core deal sites) is available for at least 40% off from Backcountry Outlet. Simply click the "Buy Now" button next to each expired deal and add the item to your cart to see the savings.

Doesn't [insert name of site] already do this? Why doesn't GearScan do [insert description of feature]?

(1) Maybe (2) Because you haven't told us about it yet! There are a lot of sites that collect deals, but hopefully browsing GearScan helps you find the gear you want in the least amount of time (at the right price of course). If there are features that you think are missing, please shoot us an email and we'll try to get to them added as soon as possible.