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Diamondback Haanjo Metro 24 Complete Bike - 2016

Diamondback Haanjo Metro 24 Complete Bike - 2016

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Being the kid who lives close enough to school to ride there in the fresh air every morning can certainly cause some envy among friends who are stuck on a smelly, crowded school bus -- and for good reason. Providing a comfortable, dependable means of transportation for young commuters was the reason Diamondback built its Hnjo Metro 24 Complete Bike, and its quality materials ensure your young rider will get around safely whether they stay in the neighborhood or head further afield. Diamondback uses 6061-T6 aluminum to create the Metro 24's frame, which makes it strong and durable without feeling bulky on hills or rides home with heavy backpacks. The Hnjo Metro 24 was designed with an overall Endurance geometry, without the drop bars or forward orientation of a road bike. This geometry puts youthful riders in a more relaxed, upright position so they're able to keep an eye on what's going on around them whether they're out on a weekend ride or following instructions from crossing guards. The Jr. Equip saddle and wide handlebars also ensure that comfort and stability come first for young riders, and the disc-specific steel fork provides solid, predictable steering on neighborhood roads. Mom or Dad -- or even the dreaded school bus -- can usually be relied upon as backup on rainy days, but sometimes the skies wait until the middle of a ride to open up. For unexpected conditions, the Hnjo Metro 24 was built with disc brakes that will perform consistently and effectively whenever they're called upon, rain or shine. And because rides through town often include a mix of road or trail conditions, Diamondback includes wider, more versatile tires on the Metro 24 than on a standard road bike. Unpaved bike paths or bumpy stretches of grass aren't an immediate recipe for a flat tire -- instead, they're just additional portals for discovery .