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Gore Bike Wear Countdown 2.0 Plus Shorts - Women's

Gore Bike Wear Countdown 2.0 Plus Shorts - Women's

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While all-mountain riding covers a broad spectrum of styles and trail conditions, its definition remains poignant and absolute -- ride the entire mountain. And as you'd expect, designing apparel to fit this diverse range of needs becomes problematic for most manufacturers. Not so for Gore Bike Wear. With its Countdown series, Gore has created an entire Outfit System to meet the needs of the all-mountain women, and Countdown 2. 0 Plus Women's Shorts reflect the pinnacle of this objective. While many shorts that bear the self-appointed 'all-mountain' classification are constructed from materials like cordura or other stuffy and stiff fabrics like it, Gore used entirely different approach for the Countdown 2. 0 Plus. Instead, Gore opted for a 100% polyester composition, ensuring the utmost in breathability, moisture management, and freedom of movement. This isn't to say that the shorts are flimsy, far from it. Instead, you'll find thicknesses of polyester is durable, abrasion-resistant, and highly breathable. This play directly to what Gore calls its Outfit Systems. Essentially, like the Countdown lineage, this system ensures the right tool for the job. It's comprised of three layers, each with its own purpose. Layer one provides moisture management, layer two (where these shorts fall under) provides thermo-regulation, and layer three provides protection from the elements. So, it's easy to see that these shorts perform their appointed function dutifully. However, Gore wasn't finished with this ideology after it selected the fabric. Instead, a special focus was placed on both fit and construction. Starting with the latter, these shorts feature shifted seams that move the seams away from the locomotion of the legs. Accordingly, your legs aren't confronted with the seams during the pedaling motion, and thus, chafing as a result of movement is eliminated. Furthermore, the cut of the shorts lends itself to further reducing abrasion by essentially being pre-shaped to th...

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