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Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Softshell Jacket - Women's

Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Softshell Jacket - Women's

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The Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Escape Softshell Jacket provides the same weather protection and insulation as the Pursuit model with a few tweaks and lifestyle embellishments. Of these changes, the most notable are that the Escape version features less of an offset between the front and rear hem and zippered closures for its rear pockets to add security and protection to your ride cargo. These changes also come with a slight increase in weight compared to the Pursuit Softshell, but the trade-off is more stylish function in and out of the saddle. Despite those nominal differences with its Elite Pursuit counterpart, the Elite Escape Softshell features the same Elite Softshell fabric, which presents a face of wind- and water-resistance to the winter elements that would otherwise force us into indoor trainer hibernation. The inner face is Pearl's Thermal Fleece, which is, well, a thermal fleece that creates a soft, low-loft microclimate of warmth beneath the softshell exterior. The two materials work together to manage moisture and breathe, helping to reduce the threat of a gradual, clammy chill during hours-long winter base mile rides. While the jacket accommodates some thermal layering, it doesn't do so at the expense of excess folds of flapping material catching the breeze and creating unnecessary drag. The jacket's finished with elastic grip to keep the hem in place and reflective element for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

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