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Wilier Twin Blade Road Frameset - 2016

Wilier Twin Blade Road Frameset - 2016

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Gone are the days when slimmer and smaller meant more aerodynamic. The industry's evolving understanding of drag has seen a corresponding evolution in thinking about how to address it. This new understanding is perhaps best embodied by the Wilier Twin Blade Road Frameset. Instead of dealing with drag by trying to hide from it with minimized tube shapes, the engineers at Wilier have accepted it and are now in the business of managing it. Their thinking extends beyond the frame, though, encompassing all elements of the bike to include even the rotational motion of the wheels. This philosophy of embracing turbulence is reflected in the wide stance of the stays, fork, and included Aerobrake calipers, which creates a safe zone for turbulence caused as the wheels turn. The rear caliper lives in a carbon shell behind the bottom bracket and the front caliper is incorporated in the fork, making both as aerodynamically unobtrusive as possible. The tube shapes and general layup of the frame are what you would expect from a top level TT bike. The 60-ton carbon fiber Wilier uses here is the same as in its flagship Zero. 7 frameset, and the Twin Blade Frameset benefits from the same targeted use of lower-modulus carbon in areas where its incorporation nets gains in comfort without sacrificing efficiency. Wilier's carbon construction begins by incorporating Zinc Oxide nanoparticle epoxy resin (ZnO) into the layups to improve impact resistance and reduce the amount of complementary, lower-modulus carbon needed for a compliant ride. It continues with a technique called LIT (Large Inflatable Tube). As the name implies, LIT involves inflating a tube-like bladder inside the frame while it's in the carbon mold. This compacts the material from both sides and creates a uniform wall thickness that eliminates structurally compromising resin deposits and excess material. Both bits of tech underwrite the Cento1 family's heritage, and it's yet one more technology that the Twin Blade shar...