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Biemme Sports Vuelta Short - Women's

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Though we'd all love to have our training rides consist of days spent winding along seaside roads in Marbella or in the shadows of the Pyrenees, we can't always ride where the pros do. On the days when exotic roads are calling to you a little more than usual, you can at least reach for Biemme Sports' Vuelta Women's Short, which shares a name with a certain grand tour and evokes images of its sun-drenched roads and grueling climbs. Biemme cut no corners with the Vuelta, constructing it using 210g Lycra for a form-fitting silhouette and a wrap-like, compressive fit around the muscles of your legs. The fabric expertly holds its shape as you ride without bunching or stretching, and Biemme added a wide, yoga-inspired waistband that's designed to move with you and remain supportive whether you're low in your drops or standing out of the saddle. It also reinforced the 2cm leg grippers with doubled Lycra and durable four-needle stitching, then backed them with silicone dots to ensure they'll stay in-place without feeling sticky. The brand's Lady Gel chamois lines the inside of the Vuelta, offering women's-specific support and cushioning in the form of gel inserts acting to make sure saddle soreness doesn't send you home from a ride early.

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