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Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Tights

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The FormaRed Carbon Women's Tights are Giordana's top-tier cold-weather tights for women, and they certainly act the part. With a mix of high-tech materials and conscientious design elements, they offer exceptional warmth, sweat management, protection from foul weather, and a body-contouring fit that ensures you will remain comfortable in the saddle for long miles, even as the chilly weather seeks to disrupt your pursuit of attaining a personal best, or of becoming the best. Giordana used three types of its Super Roubaix fabric to construct the FormaRed tights: Super Roubaix, Super Roubaix-Carbon, and Super Roubaix Acqua Zero. The panels covering the quads consist of Super Roubaix fabric: a stretchy, muscle-compressing fabric that's smooth on the outside and brushed on the inside for insulation against the cold (note that all three types of Super Roubaix have these properties.) The seat panel has Super Roubaix Acqua Zero fabric, which is Super Roubaix with a permanent, infused treatment that increases water repellency and keeps the fabric from becoming waterlogged, which would lessen its ability to insulate. Thus, you are protected from road spray kicked up when the ground is wet or it's raining. Super Roubaix-Carbon covers the knees and calves. The inclusion of carbon filaments in this fabric controls the amount of stretch and ensures that your muscles and joints are being properly supported. Inside the FormaRed tights, you'll find Giordana's top-of-the-line, women's specific Cirro-W O. F. chamois. This seamless, single-piece insert has foam padding of varying thicknesses and densities to ensure comfort while minimizing bulk. It's elastic, so it moves and stretches with you as you ride, and then returns to its original shape when you're done. The outer layer of the pad uses a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates aloe vera for its protective and hygienic properties. This aloe vera treatment is permanent. The FormaRed Carbon tights are designed to fit be...