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Kask Infinity Helmet

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Though you might not think about it, chances are your cycling helmet is causing extra drag when you're chasing your friends down lonely stretches of highway and sprinting all-out at regional race events. The Kask Infinity Helmet offers an aerodynamic solution to your high-drag helmet woes with its streamlined shape and switchable front vents for adjustable aerodynamics with the flick of a switch. This aerodynamic helmet is the same that's used by Team Sky, Drapac, and other professional outfits. And for good reason too. In fact, overall drag on a bike can be reduced by an astonishing 14% with an aero-optimized helmet. When every bit of energy matters in racing scenarios, the Infinity Helmet is your best bet for reducing drag and gaining a competitive edge. Not content with merely being a one-trick pony, the Infinity is a functional helmet with adjustable venting. The front vents quickly open with a switch located at the top of the helmet. This allows you to adjust the venting with one hand when you're cranking at a high cadence. Keep them fully open when you're climbing and riding under the sweltering summer sun and close them when you're sprinting, chasing, and descending. Keeping you protected from nasty spills, the helmet's polycarbonate outer layer is bonded directly to a polystyrene core for enhanced shock absorption. Softening secondary impacts, Kask's Frame technology consists of a lattice of Kevlar-like material that prevents the helmet from fragmenting upon impact. Plus, you'll find Kask's signature touches for extra comfort, such as its Eco-Leather straps and antimicrobial CoolMax padding that's removable and washable for easy care. Moreover, Kask's Micro Dial retention system keeps the helmet nice and secure with minimal fuss.

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