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SUGOi Evolution MidZero Tights - Women's

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When the temperature drops and Thanksgiving approaches, we begin gearing up for winter activities. Our favorite entries in this category include skiing, drinking eggnog, and cycling. That's right, cycling. With the Sugoi Evolution MidZero Women's Tights, cycling is on the menu of cold-weather activities, even in climates with decidedly pronounced winters. The Evolution MidZero Tights owe their insulating prowess to MidZero fabric, which traps warmth and wicks moisture with its soft, brushed lining. You'll stay warm and dry into conditions around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature at which many of us choose to forsake the road for the indoor trainer. There are some bib tights that will keep you warm at lower temperatures, but they tend to be far pricier than the Evolution and fill a very limited niche in your gear wardrobe. The construction features flat seams that alleviate abrasion and, in a piece of engineering genius, curve around your kneecap instead of riding straight down the center of your leg. This is definitely the part of your body that will suffer most from seam friction in other bibs, but by skirting your knee, the seams of the Evolution skirt that problem. Elastic leg grips keep the seam where it's supposed to be and the 7 inch ankle zippers run up the outside of the leg, rather than along your Achilles tendon. The package is rounded off with some design elements specific to women. First, these tights obviously don't have bibs. Where other manufacturers go to great lengths to wrestle bibs onto women's garments, Sugoi just accepts that they may be better suited for men's clothing and leaves them in the realm of the Y chromosome. The Evolution MidZero Tights also include the Women's RC Pro chamois. Made with Meryl Skinlife synthetic knit fabric and V-Control inserts to absorb road noise, this is Sugoi's go-to insert for durability and comfort. The Sugoi Evolution MidZero Women's Tights are available in five sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large, ...


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