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Yeti Cycles Dudley DH Long Sleeve Jersey

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While Yeti Cycles' heavier-weight Lightning Jersey is intended for starting gates, the Long Sleeve Dudley DH Jersey fills the needs of both enduro racers and shuttle hounds alike. To accomplish this, Yeti's designers constructed the Dudley from a lightweight, breathable polyester knit and incorporated elbow pads. Although these pads will help you bounce back after a slide, they aren't a replacement for the armor that's intended to go under tops like the Lightning. If more protection is called for, on the other hand, the Dudley's semi-relaxed fit will happily cover a soft shell pad. Another differentiating factor between these two jerseys is the panel cut and resulting seams. The Lightning is optimized for armored pressure suits. So, upon inspection, you'll notice that durable piping typically surrounds the areas where padding falls on jerseys. This ensures strength in stress-prone zones, but this design also tends to interfere with hydration-pack straps. Instead of this, the Dudley's seams are in zones that result in a mountain-specific cut, while moving seam-and-strap intersections where they're less likely to create hot-spots. Conversely, the stitching is also low-profile flatlock. This reduces the chance for abrasion and irritation and, during a 30-mile shuttled adventure, your skin will thank you. Another thing keeping that epidermis happy is the Dudley's fabric. Most rides involve plenty of pedaling, even if the ride to the top was in the back of a ratty four-by. But, it's during those uphill pushes that the Dudley's soft inner pulls perpetration from the skin. And, in conjunction with the fabrics excellent breathability and mesh side panels, it will cool your core and keep you dry. The Yeti Cycles Dudley DH Long Sleeve Jersey is available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the color Black.

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