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ZOOT Z Force 3.0 SL WetZoot - Women's

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Swimming is often the weakest leg for many triathletes, leading many to overlook the advantages of wearing a wetsuit that's optimized for buoyancy and hydrodynamic performance. However, that would be a huge mistake, especially considering the exceptional value of the Zoot Women's Z Force 3. 0 SL WetZoot. This suit forgoes sleeves for full freedom of motion and exceptional comfort in warmer water. And since it's based on the speedy design of Zoot's Force 3. 0 suit, you'll find trickled-down hydrodynamic and buoyancy properties from the Prophet, but at half the price. Balancing the needs of buoyancy with flexibility, Zoot designed the Z Force 3. 0 SL with varying thicknesses of Yamamoto C39 neoprene. The front body is comprised of a 4-millimeter layer of this neoprene, falling within the IFR maximum allowance of 5-millimeters. Why C39 neoprene' It's the industry leader in both stretch and buoyancy, and it has the second highest cell density of any neoprene on the market, providing added lift, especially in panels with thicker neoprene. Known as Zoot's Aqualift system, thicker neoprene through the seat and torso raises your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed. Ultimately, this added lift opens up your body for an ideal stroke position in the water and reduces drag by minimizing submergence. Further increasing the suit's hydrodynamics, the Super Composite Skin (SCS) is a hydrodynamic coating that increases swimming speeds by reducing overall drag for maximum efficiency. As for the suit's legs, you'll find that Zoot optimized the leg's neoprene thickness for an ideal balance of flexibility and body positioning. The front of the legs features 4-millimeter neoprene, while the back legs are slightly thinner, with 3-millimeter neoprene. Moreover, the legs' Optimal Kick Design uses anatomic patterning for increased kick velocity, frequency, and efficiency. Ultimately, this means you'll be able to propel yourself with greater efficiency and speed, s...