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ZOOT Ultra Tri 9in Short - Men's

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Whether you're training for your first tri or already know the splits you need to earn an age group podium, Zoot's Ultra Tri 9in Men's Shorts make a worthy race companion. The right tri apparel combines functional benefits with well-placed details to ensure you're comfortable and never distracted by fit during your race--Zoot succeeds on both points. Asking your body to transition between swimming, cycling, and running throughout the course of a race is a big request, so extra support for your muscles goes a long way, especially during a longer race. The Ultra Tri's blend of nylon and spandex lessens muscle vibrations throughout the race, while remaining fast-drying and breathable. Zoot also gives the main fabric a coldblack treatment to help it cool your skin more efficiently as the course heats up under midday sun. The Ultra Tri's modestly liner warrants a mention, as well, as it isn't often a feature we see on tri clothing. The lightweight lining lends the shorts extra coverage throughout the race, especially as you transition from the water to dry land. New for this year, Zoot updated its leg grippers to a wide, compressive design sourced from Italy, and it once again trusts its effective SeamLink construction to create flat, low-profile junctures between fabric panels to reduce likelihood of chafing when the shorts are drying out after your swim. Finally, the ULTRA Tri Carbon chamois that Zoot includes provides just enough plushness to keep you comfortable while you're stretched out in your aero bars while maintaining ample flexibility and breathability so that you're not inhibited during your swim or run legs.